Francisco Viegas García

Managing Director

Sportsman who loves the mountains and is committed to respecting the environment. Ultra distance runner.

Since the beginning of CxM Sierra Blanca he has worked for this project, going from being a very involved volunteer to its Managing Director.

His conviction to take this race to the top is indisputable.

Juan José Viegas García

Security Director

He began as a volunteer in the first editions and was getting involved in the organization from the fourth edition to being part of its Board of Directors. He is passionate about nature and firmly believes in the respectful symbiosis between sport and nature.

José Ramón Pacheco Ojeda

Technical Director

Lover of sports and nature in general. Ultra distance runner. Volunteer at Sierra Blanca since 2019 and currently technical director.

His commitment is to make CxM Sierra Blanca one of the best races in the world.

Marina Anayan

Marketing and Development Director

20 years of international experience in the area related to Sales, Marketing and organization of events. She has knowledge of several languages ​​and is passionate about human psychology, emotional intelligence and nutrition. Ultra distance runner.

Convinced that CxM Sierra Blanca will be one of the most requested events by trail runners worldwide in a few years.

José Antonio Vázquez

Web master

Self-taught enthusiast and incorrigible maverick. Lover of almost impossible challenges and almost unrealizable dreams, he embarked on this to help make it come true


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Sierra Blanca

... committed to the protection, conservation and disclosure

of our natural heritage for the inheritance of future generations.

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