Our mission is to promote trail running while upholding its ethical values. We strive to make this sport accessible to all by celebrating its diversity of cultures and venues.

We are committed to structuring the discipline and sharing good practices to guarantee the highest quality in the organisation of sporting events. Our objective is to promote a sport where the joy of mountain races goes hand in hand with safety, health and respect for the environment.

We seek to maintain constructive relationships with institutions, athletic federations, and mountain running associations at a local, national, and international level. We actively participate in the development of sustainable practices that prioritise environmental preservation.

In addition, we are dedicated to sharing our sports ethic with children through local educational centers and engaging parents to promote the values ​​of trail running. We strive to be a positive force in fostering a culture of respect, inclusion and sustainability in sport, while emphasising the care and preservation of natural ecosystems.


Sports Club Ultra Trail
Sierra Blanca

Committed to the protection, conservation and dissemination of our natural patrimony for the inheritance of future generations.

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