Plan your race with Gretel Planner

Among the novelties of this year we bring you Gretel Planner, the new technology to plan the strategy of rhythms, pace times and nutrition in mountain races.

All the technical information you need in one place, to make your strategy in the easiest way and without unforeseen events.

Plan your race rhythms and your nutrition during the race from a single place and with ease.

Follow the steps below to register and make use of this fantastic tool.

  • Access
  • Register for free if you have not already done so, you will only need an email and password.
  • In the registration process, complete your profile with the information of the supplements that you usually take in the race.
  • You will find all the races of this VIII edition of CxM SIERRA BLANCA in "list of races"
  • Select the section to find out about its characteristics and plan your pace accordingly
  • Select the nutrition you are going to take during the race
    • If you leave the mouse over each section, Gretel Planner will indicate how much carbohydrates you are allocating in each section and in total.
  • Save and export your planning to have it available in pdf and take it in a printed form with you to consult with it during the race.

Here you will find video tutorials to help you further: (Spanish)


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