It will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of each participant of Spanish CUP competition to read the FEDME regulations and sign up for the correct distance in relation to their age.

It will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of each participant who competes outside of Spanish CUP to take into account the following information when choosing the distance.

  • 1. The distances named as "CADETE" and "JUVENIL" are exclusively for the ages indicated in our regulation.
    • CADETE category: from 15 to 16 years old, that is, who do not turn 17 years of age in the reference year.
    • JUVENIL category: from 17 to 18 years old, who do not turn 19 years of age in the reference year.
  • 2. From the age of 18, completed before or on the date of the race, you can sign up for Trampantojo, Rompepiernas or Destroyer as long as you sign the "disclaimer of liability" document.
  • 3. If you have reached the age of 17 before the date of the race or the day of the race, you can sign up for Juvenile and Trampantojo as long as you present your parents' authorization and the "disclaimer of responsibilities" signed by a parent.


  • 1. Must sign the "disclaimer of liability" document for any distance
  • 2. Carefully read the options available on the platform when choosing between CUP and non-CUP and, then, between federated via FEDME or another federation and not federated. If the federated registration has been paid and you are not federated, the corresponding difference will be charged when picking up the number (dorsal). Without said payment, the number cannot be collected and there will be no refund.
  • 3. In case of any error made when registering, you must send an email to

The organization will not have any responsibility for the misunderstanding or mistakes made at the time of registration.


  • CADETE: As a new runner you will participate in a technical mountaineering race that will make you gain a lot of experience on this type of terrain.
  • JUVENIL: You already have the absolute categories a stone's throw away and in this distance you will prepare more than enough since it is a difficulty test very similar to TRAMPANTOJO
  • TRAMPANTOJO: A good first contact with the CxM Sierra Blanca, but don't trust it, it's not what it seems.
  • ROMPEPIERNAS: Our intermediate race, it's starting to be something serious. A great test to face the Destroyer in the next editions.
  • DESTROYER: And finally, our queen test. Only for brave people who want to suffer a little and have a lot of fun.



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