Sat. 11 February 2023

You wanted the most beautiful mountain race on the calendar to return!

Well, it's here!




In Marbella there is a treasure highly valued by its inhabitants, connoisseurs of the natural heritage and in the sight of everyone who honors us with their visit. The image of Marbella cannot be conceived without its backdrop against which the beauty of its coastline and the diverse type of tourists are shown at any time of the year. Here we present a respectful way to enjoy said treasure, Sierra Blanca.

Sierra Blanca gives its own name to our natural jewel, it is the lung of our environment, a garden of life and, now, after years of intensive care, it shines thanks to the dedication of people in love with and committed to nature and its roots. Emphasising Dolores Navarro Carrillo among all of them, president of the Mujeres en las Veredas association, precursor and promoter of previous editions encouraged by runners in the area who when they saw her work told her "Dolo, here you have to do a race" and whom we hold responsible for the great success in his commendable work for Sierra Blanca and its enhancement.

We began the journey of the VIII edition with the same enthusiasm and dedication as previous years, this time at the hands of the Sierra Blanca ultra trail sports club, which after a few editions working in unison with "Mujeres en las Veredas" association finally and definitely takes over this project whilst freeing "Mujeres en las Veredas" association from this obligation in order to spend mor time with their wonderful projects in our beloved mountains.

The main objective of this race was to make our Sierra known, the intrinsic richness of its landscapes, its flora, fauna, history... there is so much to discover and to enjoy in this way, amongst other possibilities. Undoubtedly, the first edition in 2014 left its mark on the memory of its participants who did not hesitate to repeat and fix this event on their calendar, whether they are amateurs or professionals due to its great beauty and technical complexity that make it irresistible.

Thus, the objective of this experience continues to be, through the values ​​and principles of sport, to overcome personal challenges, have an enriching experience and, above all, value this wonderful natural environment that surrounds us as well as other nearby municipalities that are equally devoted to doing so.


Club Deportivo Ultra Trail
Sierra Blanca

... committed to the protection, conservation and disclosure

of our natural heritage for the inheritance of future generations.

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